Old gaffer's Song

Gaffer's song


I’ve been an old gaffer for many a year
And I spent all my money on topsails and beer
Sailed all kinds of gaffer and I’ve loved them all
But I couldn’t get on with Bermudan at all

And it’s no, ney, never, no ney never no more
Will I sail a Bermudan, no never no more

They’re tall and they’re pointy with thin pointed keels
With no grip on the water, the bloody thing heels
They’re skittish and light and they sail on their ear
And you can’t peg the tiller when you fancy a beer

And it’s no, ney, never….

Bermudans say gaffers have far too much rope
With more than two halyards they just couldn’t cope
Then up goes their kite with its miles of string
It’s got so many ropes you daren’t gybe the damn thing

And it’s no, ney, never….

They’re ok going upwind, but who wants to do that?
And that great big genoa keeps knocking you flat
That jib can’t be reefed without wrinkling the luff
So on goes the engine when the weather gets rough

And it’s no, ney, never……

Bermudan’s a gimmick, it’s not here to stay
I’d rather a gaffer to sail any day
It’s the past and the future all rolled into one
The glorious gaff cutter will sail on and on

And it’s no, ney, never………….