page: '18' Drum of Drake

The real old gaffer's Song


I want to be an old gaffer
I want to look weathered and old
And go to those OGA rallies
To see how much drink I can hold
I want to be a good sailor
I won’t let it go to my head
And beat to windward all the day
Without using the engine instead

Chorus: I am a real Old Gaffer
My trousers are held up with string
I spread Stockholm tar on my sandwiches
And drink beer with everything

I lack a big bushy beard
And proper old gaffers will mock
If I wear my smart Musto oilskins
Instead of a beer stained smock
When I come into the beer tent
You may think my taste rather queer
I’d rather a chilled glass of Chardonnay
Than a big pint of nice foaming beer


I’ve got some nice yellow wellies
Though I don’t like to sail in the rain
I’m not very brave when the wind blows
But my heart swells with pride just the same
I know I’m not that authentic
With a boat made of grp
But she still draws admiring glances
Which is more than can be said for me